The Pensando
Distributed Services

Software-defined, edge-accelerated, always-secure and visible platform running in any environment.

Software-defined services, securely delivered, right where you need them

Edge-acceleration, wherever data exists - scales out linearly with any server environment and minimizes latency and jitter while freeing up expensive hardware resources like general-purpose CPU cycles

Eliminate complexity and latency associated with multiple siloed appliances

Best-in-Class Cost, Scale and Performance

Highly programmable software-defined cloud, compute, networking, storage and security services in a single device

Deep Observability delivers actionable insights for services, applications

Centralized configuration and management built for hyperscale environments

World class custom programmable silicon platform

Reduce CPU usage by 20-40%, for more revenue per server at less power consumption

Foundational Security Embedded In Pensando includes military grade hardware and software

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